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BizKids Programs were developed to provide schools, and teachers like you, with robust, high quality curriculum that meets educational standards and engages students curiosity, perspective, and over 70+ essential human soft skills. 

Parents & Students Will Love It

Relevant, Real-World Topics

Tackle concepts often not explored until high school or beyond like Business, Prototyping, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Public Speaking, and much more! Plus, each program is designed to flex 70+ Soft Skills to help develop well rounded, happy kids.

Hands-On Experiences

Each new concept is explored through hands on projects both in and outside of the classroom. Engage your community and give students an unforgettable learning experience.

Robust, High Quality Program Materials

Everything you need to run a successful and impressive program is included, such as engaging videos & slideshows, lesson plans, workbooks, game pieces, parent communication and more!

Inspire & Ignite Your Student's Curiosity

Gain instant access to one of our signature BizKids programs. 

Entrepreneurship & Business

The Ultimate Soft Skill Builder! Guide students through an entrepreneurial journey from product ideation, prototyping, packaging, branding, marketing, profitability, sales, customer service and so much more! All of their hard work and creativity is unleashed at their BizKids Market where they get to make real money from real customers!

In Person Delivery

7 - 13yrs

8 Classes

60-75min Classes

Public Speaking & Speech Writing

Premium Course for Developing all Communication Based Soft Skills and a Powerhouse for Flexing Their Self Awareness, Self Assessment, and Self Confidence. This course is structured to help even the most shy students get excited about sharing their ideas on stage through thoughtful preparation, ongoing self reflection and passion for their topic.

In Person Delivery

9 – 13yrs

8 Classes

60-75min Classes

Digital Literacy - E-Commerce Website

This Digital Literacy Course is a great way to flex communication, empathy and forethought. This "No Code" E-Commerce Website is a great way to help students understand the fundamentals of online communication, while adding a business component to introduce logistics, consumer experience, branding and design.

In Person Delivery

9 – 13yrs

8 Classes

60-75min Classes

Digital Literacy & Leadership Development

In this course, students become the teacher as they embark upon creating their own online course on a hobby or skill they are passionate about! Student's leadership, communication, planning, empathy and patience will be engaged as their confidence grows by realizing they can help others flourish by sharing their passion and knowledge with the world.

In Person Delivery


8 Classes

60-75min Classes

Powerful Programs to Help Grow Your School

Topics Parents Want and Students Need

Parents want to give their kids a head start and prepare them for successful futures. BizKids programs are relevant for today's fast paced world, but also focus on developing 70+ essential human soft skills in students. Soft Skills are transferrable, foundational, and necessary to succeed in a world filled with AI, robotics & ever evolving technology.

Set Your Teachers Up For Success

Whether your teachers have a background in these future-ready topics or not, each course includes lesson plans & materials to support the teacher in delivering a successful experience for students.

Keep Students Engaged Longer

If students don't care, they don't learn. Enjoy a number of Student Engagement components included in each course, such as our Kids Teaching Kids Live Action Videos and advanced teaching methodologies like Low/High Risk Questions, Outcomes vs Objectives and more!

Premium Quality Tools & Resources

Utilizing programs with high quality content and materials helps:
* Keeps students engaged longer and more memorable
* Teachers jobs easier and more enjoyable
* Upholds the high standards of your school

Ongoing Updates, Relevant Content

Your active license ensures that you always have the most up-to-date content and materials to maintain your cutting-edge approach to education.

Add Additional Revenue For Your School

Courses can also be run as after school or half day summer camp programs as well! Program materials are designed so even PAC parents or volunteers can run a success program outside of school hours.

Hear What Educators Are Saying

Take a Tour of BizKids HQ, Courses and How to Getting Started

Each Program Includes:

BizKids HQ Platform Access

* Access all of your licensed programs in one place
* Features "QuickLaunch" to help you quickly pick up from where you left off
* Organizes all of your program tools, resources and assets for each class, ready to deliver in order as you need them
* Additional User Logins can be purchased. Contact Us for Pricing

Course Lesson Plan

* Unique "Easy Flow" layout so the information you need jumps off the page.
* Digital lesson plan file accessible in BizKids HQ Interface
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing

Student Workbooks

* Digital file accessible in BizKids HQ for demoing to class
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing.

Kids Teaching Kids Videos

* Include Both Animated & Live Action Educational Videos.
* "BizKid Hosts" in each video are all previous BizKids Graduates.

Lesson Module Game Pieces

* Printable game pieces and tools for lesson modules.
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing.

Course Tools & Resources

* Slideshows and other visual aids are provided.
* Organizer & Facilitator Success Tips
* Event Planning & Material Checklists

Parent Communication

* Parent email templates to send after each lesson.
* Reinforce learning at home with family bonding game suggestions.

Ongoing Updates, Progressive Content

* Ongoing program updates and advancements.
* Updated materials, videos and resources.

Facilitator Training Videos

* Train your facilitators faster.
* Provide them with progressive teaching methodologies and insights for optimum student engagement and program success.

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You must have an active license to access BizKids HQ or to use any of the content and materials provided in each program. All course materials and content are copyright of BizKids Practical Education ASSN.