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About BizKids Programs

No special training or certification is required to run BizKids programs. BizKids Curriculum and easy to use platform was designed to support anyone who would like to run these programs, including volunteers, seasoned educators, PAC parents, Business owners and more. 

Special teaching methodologies are included to support those with:

  • Experience teaching children but no experience on the course topics
  • Experience on the course topics but no experience teaching children
  • No experience in either the course topics or teaching children

Each program purchased includes:

  • Access to the BizKids HQ Platform
  • Course Lesson Plan – including materials checklist, Facilitator and Organizer Tips & Tricks, Course Snapshot & More
  • Student Workbooks
  • Activity Modules Game Pieces
  • Course Tools, such as Slideshows, Videos, Documents, and External Free Resources 
  • Parent Communication Emails
Additional information on what is included in each program can be found on their individual program pages

Ages for each program are based on the North American education system for an average reading and writing ability. If students are behind in their reading and writing abilities compared to “average” students, you may want to provide extra support in the modules that require more writing to complete, such as writing their speech or website content. 

BizKids is focused on preventing significant challenges that face youth in today’s fast paced society, such as:

  • High School Dropout
  • Drug Use
  • Gang Recruitment and Violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Mental Health Challenges

For many of these challenges, Grade 9 (ages 13, 14 and 15) are indicator years that a student may be more susceptible to these negative impacts. As such, intervening at these ages or above can make prevention difficult.

BizKids focuses course programming around the development of 70+ Human Soft Skills, such as self validation & worth, self confidence, self awareness, and many more. These foundational skills can take time to develop but will help to prevent a youths susceptibility to these negative influences. That is why our programs, at this time, will remain for youth in elementary/middle school. 

Yes, the programs can absolutely be used successfully with a wide assortment of students with a variety of learning abilities. In fact, they have been designed so that students have autonomy in their decision making and execution of their projects making to allow students with different strengths and interests flourish and build confidence in themselves. 

When working with students with assorted learning abilities, we recommend having a facilitators who is trained in these areas to be able to support them with their unique requirements. 

The course content is universal, however, depending on the program, there may be some parts that require modification, such as:

  • All financial literacy components speak in $
  • Some examples provided only include North American Examples that may not be as relevant to students in other countries
  • If working in developing countries or communities where internet access is not widely accessible, students may not be able to relate to some of the content nor be able to execute their projects as easily, such as building a website. 
BizKids will be working to develop additional course materials for developing communities and other countries in 2024. 

At this time, BizKids programs are designed with activities and learning modules that often include group activities and are not made for individual or self directed learning. 

However, programs can be successfully run with as few as 4 students so if you are able to run them with other homeschooled children in your community. 

The BizKids Community

Yes! We would love to help promote your programs, BizKids Markets, Kidtalk Events and more! 

We would love to hear from you about:

  • Your BizKids Courses when they open for registration
  • Your Community BizKids Markets, Kidtalk Events and other ways you are helping your students flex their skills
  • Pictures and videos of your BizKids programs and events in action

** Please note that if sending pictures or videos that show your students faces to have their parents sign a media waiver. Don’t have one? No problem! You can find a template of one in every BizKids course. 

Please send any of the above to

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You can follow us on Social Media to see posts from other BizKids Course Licensees, as well as stay up to date with all new updates and releases on all BizKids Courses. 


Terms of Use

A license Agreement is a legal contract that provides your organization with copyright permission to use BizKids programs, tools and materials to run programs to students in your community. By having a license, it is allowing your permission to use the materials while having an ACTIVE license, but the copyright ownership is still BizKids Practical Education ASSN. 

No. As you do not own the copyright, and your license agreement permits you to run programs but not sell them, you cannot distribute, sell or giveaway any materials, tools or components from the programs to 3rd parties. 

To inquire about becoming a Distributor or Affiliate in your area, please contact us at 

Your license agreement is giving you copyright permission to run and use the BizKids programs you have licensed at 1 location or venue that your registered organization operates out of. If you have a chain of businesses, then you may require a Multi-License Agreement. 

For more information, you can read the standard license agreement here and contact us with any additional questions you may have. 

A full refund can be provided within 14 days of purchase. Please note that without an active license, any use of BizKids materials downloaded from the platform are strictly prohibited and would infringe on the copyright of BizKids Practical Education ASSN

You can turn off the auto renewal of your license anytime through your BizKids HQ account. If you cancel your renewal, you will still have access to all of your course materials up until your date of your license expiry.

Please note that you must have an active license in order to run BizKids programs and use any of the copyright protected materials. You can reactivate your license anytime but may not be able to get the discounted renewal rate that comes with the autorenewal. 

Curriculum Compatibility & Student Privacy

When you license any BizKids course, you will gain access to BizKids HQ. This platform is designed for teacher/educator use only. It is where you will find all of your lesson plans, videos & slideshows to share on a screen with students, printable worksheets and activity game pieces, etc. 

Students do no use BizKids HQ and we will never require/request any student specific information. 

From time to time, we may send out a survey to better understand your experience and feedback using BizKids courses, and we may ask for general demographic or data information, such as:

  • How many students participated in BizKids programs this year?
  • Do you support students from vulnerable communities, and if so, which communities do you serve?
  • What programs have you run this year and how was your experience with it?

We will never ask for any student specific information and students will never need to interact with BizKids HQ in order to participate in a BizKids program with your organization. 

BizKids courses are designed to integrate with most education systems and mandates. For some provinces/territories/states, we have even gone as far as to develop “Curriculum SnapShots” to detail what categories each BizKids Course meets in the mandated curriculum requirements. 

If you would like to help us develop more BizKids snapshots, please send your school districts mandated curriculum requirements to and we can place it on our roadmap to develop a snapshot for your area.