Course Description

Students become the teacher as they get to choose a skill or hobby they love and create an interactive online course on it. Students will learn how to share information in a digestible way for their students, as well as communicate through video creation, editing, and developing support materials, like worksheets and slideshows. Once complete, they will dip into marketing and how to sell their course online. 

Student Outcome

In this program, you become the teacher! You get to pick a hobby or skill that you love and build a course on it that can teach others how to do it too!

Course Objectives

  • Develop Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Build Confidence & Leadership Through Teaching
  • Flex Their Digital Literacy Through Online Platforms & Video Creation
  • Flex Over 20+ Essential Human Soft Skill

In Person Delivery

7 – 13yrs

8 Classes

60-75min Classes

$550 USD 1st yr

Annual Renewal Drops to $475 USD

  • Lesson Plan – 1
  • Student Workbook – 1
  • Activity Pieces – 6
  • Slideshows – 8
  • Videos – 2
  • Parent Engagement – 9
  • Software Demo Videos – 16
  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Decision Making
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Resiliency
  6. Empathy
  7. Patience
  8. Verbal Communication
  9. Written Communication
  10. Confidence
  11. Focus
  12. Planning
  13. Self Leadership
  14. Listening
  15. Collaboration
  16. Body Language
  17. Confidence
  18. Introspection
  19. Digital Literacy
  20. Design Sense
  1. Video Recording/Directing
  2. Teaching/Instruction
  3. Digital Course Creation
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Video Editing
  6. Copywriting
  • Computer connected to a TV or Projector to share videos and slideshows with class
  • Computer or laptop for each student (tablets will not work as well with Course Platform and Video Editing Software)
  • General Schools Supplies (Pencils, markers, tape, etc)
  • Students will require access to a device to record their videos with, such as a phone, tablet, webcam or video camera.

Class Size: For classes larger than 12 students, some activity modules may take longer than indicated and have been marked with a “+” next to the time in each lesson plan

Recommended Ages: Based on North American reading, writing and mathematics level for that age group and may vary based on students fluency in these areas where applicable.

Course Length: Courses can be run as in school/after school programs as indicated or run 2 classes back to back to create half day camps. 

Accessing Your Programs: Gain instant access to your own BizKids HQ Platform where all of your courses are available on-demand! 

Each Program License Includes:

BizKids HQ Platform Access

* Access all of your licensed programs in one place.
* Features "QuickLaunch" to help you easily pick up from where you left off.
* Organizes all of your program tools, resources and assets for each class, ready to deliver in order as you need them.
* Additional User Logins can be purchased. Contact Us for Pricing.

Course Lesson Plan

* Unique "Easy Flow" layout so the information you need jumps off the page.
* Digital lesson plan file accessible in BizKids HQ Interface.
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing.

Student Workbooks

* Digital file accessible in BizKids HQ for demoing to class.
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing.

Kids Teaching Kids Videos

* Include Both Animated & Live Action Educational Videos.
* "BizKid Hosts" in each video are all previous BizKids Graduates.

Lesson Module Game Pieces

* Printable game pieces and tools for lesson modules.
* Designed for effective black & white or colour printing.

Course Tools & Resources

* Slideshows and other visual aids are provided.
* Organizer & Facilitator Success Tips.
* Event Planning & Material Checklists.

Parent Communication

* Parent email templates to send after each lesson.
* Reinforce learning at home with family bonding games & activities.

Ongoing Updates, Progressive Content

* Ongoing program updates and advancements.
* Updated materials, videos and resources.

Facilitator Training Videos

* Train your facilitators faster.
* Provide them with progressive teaching methodologies and insights for optimum student engagement and program success.

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Initial Licensing Fee
Annual Renewal is discounted to $475 USD

You must have an active license to access BizKids HQ or to use any of the content and materials provided in each program. View License Agreement Here