Terms and Conditions of Your License Agreement

Congratulations on your license to launch BizKids programs in your business, non profit, or school. this page is designed to help you better understand your license agreement. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to reach out or have a lawyer review your license agreement.

Key Terms and Conditions

1 License Agreement Required Per Location

You will require 1 license agreement per location that you are running programs in. For example, 1 license per school. If you operate a chain of businesses, then you will require more than one license. Contact us for a multi license agreement that will allow you to leverage your license across multiple locations and a larger territory.
If you are operating out of satellite locations and do not have 1 fixed venue where programs are run, then 1 license = 300 students participating per year.

Discounted Annual Renewal Fee

You must have an active license in order to run or use any part of the BizKids programs. To maintain an active license, your license will be automatically renewed at a discount on the anniversary of your original purchase unless you manually turn off auto renewal in your BIzKids HQ account.

No 3rd Party Distribution

Your license allows you the right to launch programs under the organizational name listed as the licensee, however, you do not own the copyright to the materials. You may not resell or distribute any components, in part or in full, to any 3rd parties to utilize. They will require their own license to operate BizKids programs.

Expired Licenses Cannot Use Copyright Materials

You must have an active license in order to run or use any part of the BizKids programs. All materials included in your programs are copyright of BizKids Practical Education ASSN, all rights reserved. If you choose to have your license expire, upon that expiry date, you can no longer use any materials or program components, in part or in it's entirety, as you will be infringing on BizKids copyright. You can reactivate your license from you dashboard or contact us anytime about renewal.

Standard License Agreement