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The world is evolving quickly & the skills and experiences students need to succeed as they grow up require education to be just as agile. Bring BizKids programs to your community and help students stay one step ahead in their development, while building their confidence and mental fortitude to prevent future mental health challenges facing youth today. 

Parents & Students Will Love You

Relevant Topics & Hands-On Experiences

Students tackle topics often not explored until high school or beyond like Business, Prototyping, Digital & Financial Literacy, and more!

Each BizKids program has students create projects using real-world concepts, tools and launch them in their communities.

Focusing On Prevention AND Acceleration

Underneath the fun businesses, websites, and other real-world projects students take on, BizKids programs flex 70+ essential human soft skills, including self awareness, resiliency, and confidence.

By helping students to learn how to validate their own self worth, they will no longer require external sources to fill their cup of self esteem. This is the greatest form of prevention to the greatest challenges facing youth today.

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Progressive & robust programs to ensure your students are always one step ahead and your educators have incredible tools to perform at their best.

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Education that prepares kids for a fast changing world, and prevents their susceptibility to the many challenges facing youth today.