Are They Ready?

Elevate Their Knowledge with Practical Education

Give them a 10 year head start! Achieve exciting hands on experience & develop their essential skills.

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The World is Moving Fast!

Foundational Skills like Resilience, Confidence, Perspective, Adaptability, Critical Thinking & Decision Making will help them accelerate through these ongoing economic advancements.

Give them the Edge


of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet.


of today’s technical skills will be replaced or transformed by graduation

Foundational Skill Development

Nurture & develop skills that will last 40-50 years of their lives.
Develop skills they need to be healthy & happy individuals, and what employers & universities demand.

Hands-On, Project Based Experience

Learn through doing.
Students enhance their own knowledge as they complete real world projects. Advanced concepts are understood & self directed learning is developed while having FUN!

Gain Invaluable Perspective

Students work in pods with kids all over North America.
Safely expanding their interactions with others living all over North America can offer incredible perspective, empathy & understanding.

Ongoing Development Year After Year

Just like in dance, music or sports, BBK Network Students come back year after year to further develop their experience, skills, friendships & incredible life experiences that they will reflect on for years to come.

We Believe that Education Should Be Built to Last

Technical & Academic Education will unfortunately become less and less relevant in a world filled with AI, Technology and Robotics.  To ensure kids have an education that will last, we must focus on developing their Essential Soft Skills through Real-World Hands On Experience. 

Prepare them for a life long journey of learning, adapting and innovating by creating exciting projects that they came up with. 

This is the program you wish you had as a kid!

How It Works

BBK Year 1 – Innovation & Discovery

Each year of the BBK Network’s Innovators Academy, is made up of 3 semesters. Each semester focuses on 1 Impact Project that all combine to make up one Big Real World Outcome for the year. Additional games are played each class to help further develop their knowledge and understanding of larger economic concepts.

1st Semester

Product Development

Solve real world problems & develop REAL Prototypes that will eventually become their marketable, sellable product used in next semster.


Can You Make a Million Dollars?

BBK Year 1's game is all about Financial Literacy. Students will invest in the REAL Stock Market using BBK Bucks to see how their investor intuition plays out over the year.

What Parents Will Notice:
  Increased confidence in doing things themselves, solving problems, taking action and getting creative. Students walk away with numerous prototypes until they find just the right one to focus on.

2nd Semester

Developing a Business Empire

Using their Product Prototype, students will refine it, package it and develop a Marketing & Business Strategy around it. Market Research, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing & Financials will be discussed, organized and presented by students.

What Parents Will Notice:
Students will learn concepts that are often not talked about until college. Their vocabulary, understanding of profit and expenses, communication, decision making, design and resiliency will all grow during this semester.

3rd Semester

The MAIN Event!

Collectively as a group, these Innovators will put on the event o the year! Designing their own Home Shopping Channel/Production Innovation Showcase, they will develop their ability to lead, collaborate, plan, present and WOW a live audience.

What Parents Will Notice:
Forward thinking & planning, leadership, confidence development, communication and articulation, independence and excitement!

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Giving Every Kid a Chance


For every pod of students registered per year, one child's tuition from a vulnerable community will be subsidized and a laptop will be donated to a family in need.

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