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of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet
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of today’s technical skills will be replaced or transformed by the time they graduate
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increase in student retention of knowledge when given hands on experience


The World is Moving Fast!

The BBK Network’s Innovators Academy Equips Students with Foundational Skills like Resilience, Confidence, Perspective, Adaptability, Leadership, Communication, Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking & Decision Making. These skills are not only practical and relevant, but foundational to all future learning that this fast paced world will demand of our kids as they get older.

Foundational Development

Nurture & develop skills that will last 40-50 years of their lives. Develop skills they need to be healthy & happy individuals, and what employers & universities demand.

Hands-On, Project Based Experience

Learn through doing.
Students enhance their own knowledge as they complete real world projects. Advanced concepts are understood & self directed learning is developed while having FUN!

Gain Invaluable Perspective

Students work in cohorts with kids from all over North America.
By safely expanding their peer network, they will gain incredible perspective, empathy & understanding for the world around them.

Ongoing Development

Just like in dance, music or sports, BBK Network Students come back year after year to further develop their knowledge, skills, friendships & incredible life experiences that they will reflect on for years to come.

Academy Overview

Year 1 of the Innovators Academy


Innovation & Discovery

Year 1 is all about learning through trial and error, that mistakes are temporary & ideas are nothing without action & effort. Students will learn to identify problems, develop solutions, and take action on their ideas.

1st Semester

Product Development
Solve real world problems & develop a REAL Prototype that will eventually become a marketable, sellable product.

Can You Make a Million Dollars?
This years game focuses on financial literacy & students will get to invest in the REAL stock market using BBK Bucks to see how their investor intuition plays out over the year.

Soft Skill Focus
Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Technical Literacy, Resiliency, Self Leadership, Communication, Design, Empathy, Adaptability.

2nd Semester

Business Development
Is your innovation viable? Will people buy it? Let’s find out by conducting market research, developing a marketing strategy & business plan. Students will gain perspective on distribution channels, marketing, consumer targeting, and branding. 

Soft Skill Focus
Empathy, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Perspective, Information Gathering, Data Literacy, Technical Literacy, Resiliency, Self Leadership,  Communication, Design, Adaptability.

3rd Semester

Home Shopping Channel Celebrities
Public speaking & verbal communication will take a front seat as students develop their business pitches and design their own Home Shopping Channel Commercial. This event will flex students creativity and confidence, while creating a great excuse for friends and family to cheer them on as they go LIVE in this BBK Special Event.

Soft Skill Focus
Decision Making, Adaptability, Verbal Communication, Resiliency, Leadership, Confidence, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Body Language, Self Awareness, Digital Literacy


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