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What Safety Measures Are In Place?

All students must have their webcam on during class so we can see who is in the room. No adults, except for Facilitators, may attend. We also have each room locked and only those we manually admit into the room are in attendance. Private Chat has also been disabled and every class is recorded for safety.

What Do They Do In Class???

So Much! These are 2 way interactive, but controlled, classroom experiences. Kids can talk, share their work, share their screen, go into breakout rooms (small groups) and do loads of activities in the comfort of their own home. Students learn & develop critical skills & content, while getting to socialize with new & old friends.

What Materials Do They Need?

Most Daily Classes only require materials you can find in your home, such as a pen and paper. That said, starting a craft bin of tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls, and other misc goods could give them more "stuff" to play with.
When each child has different materials, it makes each class new and develops greater creativity in students. Each student is able to come up with something from their own imagination. Accelerator Courses will often require specific materials or tools which will be listed in the Course description upon registration.

Do I Need To Be There?

We understand that you may feel nervous for their first class and want to join in. We ask that parents stay off screen so as to not effect the dynamic of the class for other students. That said, these classes are a great time for your child to flex their independence and for you to grab some much deserved "You" time. Parent involvement is not required, unless indicated for safety reasons. Some of our Accelerator Courses has students using hot glue guns, etc and supervision is recommended.

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50% Goes to Kids

50% of all profit from memberships go towards buying Laptops for Kids who's families cannot afford them. Thank you so much for helping us make such a BIG difference in so many kids' lives.

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