Frequently Asked

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What is the BBK Network?

Just like signing your child up for a dance, sports or music class, students register for BBK Network classes to develop their practical (soft) skills, including but not limited to communication, teamwork, leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, and critical-thinking. They will also learn general business concepts, basic economics and other relevant knowledge in useful areas. BBK Network is an online learning platform designed for kids to gain relevant, hands-on experience on real-world projects, preparing them for a continuously evolving world.

What is the Refund Policy?

Whether you pay in one lump sum or on a payment plan, here is our cancellation/refund policy.
* Full refund if cancelled 14+ days before the first semester starts. 
* 2/3rds refund (or stop payment on final 2 installments)if cancelled during the 1st semester
* 1/3rd refund (or stop payment on final installment) if cancelled during 2nd semester.
* No refunds if cancelled in the 3rd semester

How Long is a Program?

Each BBK Year is made up of 3 semesters, 10 weeks each, combining to make up 30 weeks of content. Students attend class once a week throughout the school year. There are 3 years that kids can participate in BBK programs; Year 1, Year 2, & Year 3.

The semesters are from:  
Jan to March, April to June, Sept to Dec.

Can My Child Join a Class Anytime?

Except in rare cases, all students start their participation in BBK programs at the beginning of the next semester, which would be either in January, April or September. 

But not to worry! You can register early, have the orientation meeting in advance, and get a head start on program preparation.

When is Tuition Due?

Payment can be made annually in full at a discounted rate or paid at the beginning of each semester in 3 payments. Payment is collected during your orientation by credit card.  Each year is $950, or 3 payments of $350 before each semester. Pre-registration special is $850 until Nov 30 ,2020.
All Accelerator Courses, Sprints and Events must be paid in full, up front.

What Does a Weekly Class Look Like?

All BBK Network programs are hosted online using Zoom, a free program compatible on all devices. Each class is 75 minutes in length and time is split between the semester project and the annual project development.
Lessons, Games, Breakout Rooms, Social Interaction Between Students and Videos are all used during class time depending on the topic of the lesson.

Is There "Homework"?

Class time is utilized to help students understand exciting new concepts. Additional project development by students will be required outside of class time.
Each student will have access to their own project management account where they can connect safely with their classmates and access resources and support.

What is My Role as a Parent?

In the BBK Network programs, the majority of the growth your child will experience will be from relying on their own resourcefulness and ingenuity. It is recommended that parents do not supervise their kids while in class to give them a sense of independence and ownership. Parents can access their child’s projects, updates, and resources in the same BBK Portal as their child.

What Materials Do
They Need?

BBK Network students will need a computer with a keyboard and mouse, as well as a notebook and pen. Most projects are completed online utilizing software that is either free or at a minimal cost.
Some projects (i.e. prototyping and business projects) may require poster paper, crayons, and additional materials. Each student comes up with different ideas and concepts so the materials vary from semester to semester, but they can usually be found at any Dollar Store, Craft Store, or on Amazon.

What If We Miss a Class?

Sometimes conflicts arise and classes are missed. If we can be told ahead of time that a class will be missed, a recording can be provided to a student for a limited time to ensure they don’t fall behind. However, it is encouraged that each student attends every class, as group work is often part of the lesson in which students both gain and contribute significant value.