Giving Every Kid a Chance to Succeed

1 Class of Students = 1 Child’s Tuition and a Laptop

BBK Network started the Kids Helping Kids initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. When schools were shut down and education was shifted online, children without laptops were being left behind as their schooling implemented virtual classes.

As a response to this dilemma, for every pod of students BBK Network welcomes, one laptop is donated to a family in need and one student in a BBK Network program receives subsidized tuition.

Kids Helping Kids

When kids are given the opportunity to help others, they become empowered as individuals. When they can see the positive change their efforts and ideas have on others, they carry that fulfilling feeling with them throughout their life. 

When kids know they can make a difference, that’s exactly what they do. Every laptop donated is physically given to a child, by a child.

You Are Helping Us Help Others

Each year, your child’s class makes a BIG difference in another child’s life and in local communities. Through BBK Network, students get to focus on real-world projects and social impact initiatives. By joining the conversation and sharing the BBK Network initiatives with more families, you are helping us achieve our mission to help as many families as possible who are experiencing the digital divide.