The People Who Make It All Possible

The BBK Network was started by a group of people with big hearts. Along the way, we found more people with big hearts.

Leadership Team

Khalid Hasan is someone who is passionate about different aspects of Web Development and Digital Marketing...

Khalid Hasan
Web Developer

Merziya is a passionate creative, majoring in Professional Communications at Ryerson University. She thrives on bringing ideas to life..

Merziya Hussain
Social Media Content Creator

AJ is a creative based in Canada. She continues her freelance journey in media while balancing her passion for entrepreneurship and content.

AJ Varela
Video Specialist

Jorelle is a Canadian born Filipino from Vancouver. His dream is to be the show runner of his very own animated TV show.

Jorelle Almeda
Storyboard Artist

Darrio Christian Dean is 27 years old and originally from beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. He is proud to hold the position of dad to

Darrio Dean
Content Strategist

Ivy is a recent graduate who is ready to design! She feels proud being able to spread meaningful information through designs.

Ivy Wang
Graphic and User Experience Designer

Leah Coss has owned numerous businesses in manufacturing & finance and been a Franchise Development Consultant for over 9 years.

Leah Coss

A recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, Rebecca holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology.

Rebecca Patterson
Customer Experience Director

Operations & Programming

Karly is an avid reader and writer with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. In her spare time she enjoys expanding her book collection.

Karly Zouppas

Raphael is a recent Arts graduate from the University of British Columbia, majoring in International Relations.

Raphael Cardenas
Storyboard Writer

Ashima is a creative artist, who enjoys anything related to animation. Her creative range is very wide.

Ashima Gurung
Storyboard Artist and Animator

Ana is passionate about empowering today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders! She has a background in International Law and Psychology.

Ana Tiruta
Youth Educator & Curriculum Developer

Bam is a graphic designer who is also passionate about advertising and UX/UI design.

Bam Yingchoncharoen
Graphic Designer

Braedon is studying English literature and creative writing in Vancouver, BC, and lives for anything and everything to do with storytelling.

Braedon Lowey
Curriculum Writer

Vika is a graphic designer, a problem solver, and a lifelong learner. She loves designing & is excited to apply her skills in BBK Network. 

Vika Zheng
Graphic Designer

Ray is an experienced digital solution expert with over 5 years of experience leading digital product projects.

Ray Jiao
Digital Product Manager

Stephanie is a self-taught character and concept artist residing in Vancouver, Canada, who started drawing portraits in her youth.

Stephanie Moscone
Digital Illustrator

Marketing & Community

Mel is an aspiring video editor who is always willing to take on a new challenge and expand his experiences.

Mel Fresnel
Video Editor

Jaquelin is an immigrant from Mexico who moved to Vancouver six years ago. She enjoys developing new skills and going out for hikes.

Jaquelin Najera Granados
Graphic Designer

Sophia has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing with an understanding of social media, creating content, and customer engagement.

Sophia Pinto
Digital Marketing Manager

Garvit is a seeker, problem solver, learner, who's in love with the Internet but hate it too! He is a lifelong hodler.

Garvit Bafna
Digital Marketer

Mission Based Projects

Third year UBC student who loves research and learning. Main interests are Psychology and Education...

Conor McGarry

Deniz moved to Canada five years ago for UBC and fell in love with Marketing soon after. She loved the idea of wearing different hats.

Deniz Firat
Research & Business Strategy

Board of Directors

Joe Deobald is the Founder of Full Frame Marketing, Franchise owner of Code Ninjas, and the Entrepreneur in Residence at Left Technologies.

Joe Deobald
Board of Direcotr

Archana is an entrepreneurial leader who has steered many organizations to new levels of performance and business growth.

Archana Samtani Singhania
Operations & Strategy

Victoria Petriw is the VP of Operations at WiderFunnel, and Co-Founder of Port Moody & Co. She is an SFU grad in Human Geography.

Victoria Petriw
Board of Director

Braden comes to us from working as a Program Director & Project Manager for over 10 years at the YWCA, a large non profit association.

Braden Ricketts
Vice President

Leah Coss has owned numerous businesses in manufacturing & finance and been a Franchise Development Consultant for over 9 years.

Leah Coss

Victor joins Build a Biz Kids sharing in its vision to develop the skills and talent children will need for our connected future.

Victor Gelano
Director of Strategic Alliances