Preparing Kids for Anything


Relevant Skills Development for a Continuously Evolving World

The world is changing at an astonishingly fast pace. The jobs that are available today may be obsolete within the next decade. That’s why we’re here. BBK Network is an online learning platform that develops future-ready, foundational skills in children. Students gain incredible perspective through the Innovators Academy by connecting with other students from all across North America, safely and online, to collaborate on projects that matter in their communities and the world.  

Experiential Learning

The BBK Network practical education programs are designed to provide kids with hands-on learning experiences through real-world projects, enabling them to develop foundational skills including critical thinking and problem solving.

Community Support

A goal of BBK Network is to eventually eliminate the societal challenge that is the “digital divide”. For each class of BBK Network students, one laptop is donated to a family in need, and one student in a BBK Network program receives subsidized tuition. 

Social Enterprise

BBK Network is a benefit corporation social enterprise. This means that the company mission is at the core of all business activities, guiding our goals and enforcing heightened standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency. 


BBK Network Values

At BBK Network, the standards are set extremely high when it comes to our values. We enforce these four principles in everything that we do, and ensure they are upheld in every member of our team and each child we welcome into our programs.


Through the BBK Network practical education programs, children are given the chance to use their imaginations and explore their ideas in a safe and inclusive environment. 


BBK Network provides every child with the opportunity to succeed. We actively enforce our commitment to equitable treatment and model diversity throughout the organization. 


The ability to continuously adapt is a necessary skill that will allow children to succeed in this rapidly evolving world. BBK Network is committed to being adaptable in the face of shifting environmental conditions and adversity.


Open communication, collaboration, and respect are the three main pillars common to all BBK Network programs. Honesty is relevant to each of these areas, and is a driving factor for our organization.